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With over 200 handhelds shipped in 2011, and 26 brand new systems already scheduled for 2012, our competitors simply cannot compete. Forestry Systems has led the industry since 1987 and the competition has always been two steps behind. Forestry Systems was the first to implement the End Tally™, Logscaler™, Timber Cruiser™, Chain Tally™, Chain Tally Export™, Yard Tally™ and Palletrax™ handhelds for the log, lumber and forestry industries. Our innovative Yardmaster® Lumber, Log, Pallet and Forest Eagle™ Systems will save time and money, increase accuracy and eliminate mistakes.

The Timber Cruiser

In 1987 the original Timber Cruiser™ revolutionized the timber cruising industry. It allowed foresters to migrate from tally books and pencils to a handheld computer for faster and more accurate cruises. Today the Timber Cruiser represents another significant technological leap forward. With GPS plotting, topographic map overlays and built in 5 megapixel color camera, timber cruising has reached a new level of efficiency. Click here to see the new Timber Cruiser handheld.

The hardwood lumber and logging industries require particular solutions to meet their diverse operations. Executives in the wood products industry can manage their operations, standardize their data collection, communicate more effectively and access vital decision making information all in real-time from any location. FSI solutions are implemented quickly to handle industry specific challenges today and into the future. Our systems enable control and accountability and increase efficiency in all aspects of your business. Forestry Systems enables your management needs to become a reality, today.

Does Your Inventory Management System Stink?

How are you controlling your log and lumber operation? Are multiple spreadsheets compiled by multiple employees the foundation of your inventory system? With over 900 satisfied customers, Forestry Systems has been the leader in inventory control and workflow management for over 20 years. Our log and lumber management systems save time and money, increase accuracy and eliminate mistakes. Call Forestry Systems today! Let us simplify your workflow; you'll come out smelling like a rose.

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